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Candle Boxxx and Addie Juniper shoot deadline is September 15th!!!
Candle Boxxx and Addie Juniper shoot
We have a shoot coming up on Sept. 18th with fan favorite models Candle Boxxx and Addie Juniper and we're offering casual
fans a chance to sponsor these shoots just like our Members have. Our paid Members made these shoots possible because
they purchased sponsorship packages that have paid for the shoots. However, in an attempt to extend these shoots and get
even more footage of these ridiculously hot models, I'm offering these sponsorship packages and their rewards to the general
public to participate in. Here's how it works, just select a sponsorship package below to purchase and after the shoot is done,
we will ship your rewards to you. Plus, if you purchase a premium producer package you'll be able to choose a scene we will
shoot with a model (you need to email us first before purchasing to make sure the scene you want us to shoot fits within the
model's limits).
Here's the legal info: this is not a donation since you are receiving merchandise in return for your purchase, so this purchase is not
tax deductible. Every purchase will also be billed $5.50 for priority mail shipping (orders outside the US will be shipped via airmail).
Only residents of the USA, Canada and the UK can make purchases, other countries that try to purchase these packages will be
declined and refunded. Deadline for purchasing a package is Sept. 15th! (This offer is closed and was funded by our members)
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