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Classic Upskirts
Classic Upskirts

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Micah Ashley, Jenni Lee, Addie Juniper,
Kalani Breeze, Indy, Kobe Lee, Ariel Andrews,
Naomi St. Claire and Karen Money

DVD Extras:
• 3 Kalani Breeze Upskirt Scenes
• Kobe Lee Upskirt Test Footage
• Karen Money Pink Promos
• Kalani Breeze Pussy Shaving
• Upskirt Outtakes
• DVD Trailers

Technical Info:
• Running Time: Approx. 270 minutes
• NTSC • All Regions
• Fully Licensed Dolby Digital Sound
• 2-disc DVD set

Upskirt, upskirt, upskirt! If you're an upskirt lover than get ready to fall in love!
I'm so excited that this 2-Disc DVD set is finally here! When CandyGirl Video launched
in May of 2002 we only sold 1 vhs video and it was an upskirt video. I received tons of
positive feedback from fans who called this video a "Classic". Now, it's 2007 and I've
finally released this footage, along with tons more, in a 2-disc upskirt DVD set that's
guaranteed to knock your socks off! The beautiful and busty Kalani Breeze hosts
this massive collection that features upskirt footage of Micah Ashley, Ariel Andrews,
Indy, Kobe Lee, Addie Juniper, Naomi St. Claire, Karen Money and Jenni Lee.
Plus, you'll get to see up Kalani's skirt as she introduces each classic scene!
Highlights include: Ariel Andrews hanging upside down on the playground in a micro
skirt and fishnet micro thong that doesn't come close to covering her perfect kitty, an
intrusive look up Micah Ashley's skirt at a public park that gives new meaning to the
term "close-up", Addie Juniper having her silk dress tossed sky high while standing
over a high-powered fan and tons more! Includes 27 scenes in all!

Scottish Nightmare
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