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Piracy and file sharing is a very serious problem that is crippling the adult entertainment industry and we here at CandyGirl Video are not immune.
I once looked at one, let me repeat that, one file sharing site that listed several of our DVDs and even proudly listed how many downloads each of
our DVDs had received. I added up the number of downloads and multiplied them by the cost of the DVDs, it came to over $250,000. CandyGirl Video
is a small company and we've never seen money like that before! Now, I know that not every person that illegally downloaded our DVDs would've
bought them, but if those people had paid for the DVDs instead of stealing them and given us that lost revenue, it would've done wonders for our
site! We could've had the money to release all the DVDs that are just sitting here collecting dust because we don't have the funds to get them
manufactured, we could start releasing Blu-rays, we could hire and lock in exclusive models that have never posed nude before, and I could go
on. So piracy is a serious deal and can prevent us from growing. All I can do is ask that first of all, if you enjoy what we do here at CandyGirl Video
that you wont pirate or share our content online. Also, let us know if you come across any pirated versions of our videos or if you spot our content
posted for free online. We work very hard here to create our videos so if you appreciate our work, all we ask in return is that you respect our
copyrights and support us by paying for our content, I think we provide fans with a high quality product at a fair and reasonable price. Most of our
competitors only give customers DVDs that are just 1 hour in length, while we give you DVDs that run between 2.5 and 3 hours. Most of our
DVDs include fold-out mini pin-up posters as an added bonus. I can't even recall any other company that has done this. So, we try to give you
your money's worth and we ask in return is your support. Plus, while most adult membership sites charge $29.99/month to join, we're just $19.99
with no download limits.

If you come across any bootlegged versions of our DVDs or find our content being shared online, please let us know by contacting us.
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