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Q: I just purchased a DVD, when will I get it?

A: All of our orders are shipped via Priority Mail so you should see your order arrive within 3 to 5 business days. Our shipping schedule is as follows:
orders received by noon central time, Mon. - Fri., are shipped the same day. Orders placed after noon central time are shipped the next business day
and orders placed on Sat. or Sun. are shipped the following Monday.

Q: I just became a member of the site and I want to immediately cancel my membership so that I don't get billed again next month. So, how
do I cancel my membership and if I cancel it immediately after buying it, will I still have access to the members area for the remainder of
my subscription?

A: We would hate to see you go, but canceling your membership to our site is easy, just click here to cancel. Also, if you cancel your membership
soon after purchasing it, you will still have access to the members area for the remainder of your subscription.

Q: I've downloaded videos in the members area and I can't play them, why?

A: You may need to download the latest versions of either Quicktime or Windows Media Player if you can't play our videos. Quicktime videos are
recommended for Mac users and Windows Media videos are recommended for PC users.

Q: Do you ship DVDs outside the USA?

A: Sorry, but no. Due to many censorship laws, we're not allowed to ship to some parts of the world, plus our DVDs are in the NTSC format which is
not supported in many parts of the world.

Q: I purchased a DVD and it's defective, can I return it?

A: Digital media isn't perfect, so if you came across a DVD you've purchased from us at our site that you believe to be defective, first try to play the disc
on more than one DVD player. If you can't get it to play then simply email us explaining the problem and we will gladly ship you a free replacement
copy. All sales are final, but we will exchange a defective DVD for the exact same title, no questions asked. Please note that anyone we believe to
be abusing this policy will be banned from ever receiving free replacement DVDs.

Q: I bought one of your DVDs from an online seller and it's a cheap DVD-R, are all of your DVDs just cheap DVD-Rs?

A: Absolutely NOT! All of our DVDs are professionally authored and manufactured at a plant in Los Angeles. Our DVDs are made the same way
that all commercial DVDs are manufactured. So, if you have one on a cheap DVD-R, it's a bootleg and we would appreciate it if you would let
us know who and were you purchased it from. We need to know because our product is being illegally pirated, thus damaging our sales and
preventing our company from growing. Contact us if you believe you've purchased a bootleg version of our DVDs.

Q: I need some help with some purchases I've made from your Clip Store, VOD Store and/or Members Area, can you help me?!

A: Sorry but we can't help with any technical or billing issues that may arise from using our Clip Store or VOD Store because we don't own or
operate those services, they're owned by other companies that we license our content to. So if you need technical or billing help with our
Clip Store or VOD Store, then follow the links below...

Clip Store Help - CLICK HERE (have your purchase information ready)

VOD Store Help - CLICK HERE for Customer Service, CLICK HERE for Billing Help

If you need technical help with the videos in our Members Area, first try updating either your version of Quicktime or Windows Media Player, if
you're still having trouble after that then email us describing your issues and we'll do our best to help you - email us.

If you need billing help or have questions regarding your purchase to our members area, you can get help by contacting our billing provider CC Bill

Q: I would love to model for your site, but I have tons of questions, who do I contact?

A: We're always looking for new models and we can answer all your questions via email.
Just follow these rules when contacting us in regards to becoming a CandyGirl Video Favorite Flavor model:
1. You must be 18 years of age or older - NO exceptions!
2. Do not send us any nude pictures of yourself via email. If you already have a modeling portfolio online, you may send us a link to it.
If you do not have an online portfolio and you wish to send us pictures of yourself, that's fine, but be sure not to send us any nude pics.

Q: Hey CandyGirl Video! I have shot some awesome videos and pics and was wondering if you guys would like to buy it for your DVDs, interested?

A: Sorry, but no. We're only interested in content we've created ourselves.
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