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Sweet Satisfaction Jasmine Grey Special Edition
Sweet Satisfaction Jasmine Grey

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DVD Price: $49.99

Sweet Satisfaction Jasmine Grey Trailer

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Jasmine Grey, Micah Ashley, Addie Juniper,
Kobe Lee, Ariel Andrews, Jordan Bentley,
Jenni Lee and Karen Money

DVD Extras:
• Behind the scenes footage of Jasmine's
music video shoot for mr.deviant
• Jasmine Grey Illegal Bikini Outtakes
• Ariel Andrews Luscious Lingerie Video
• Micah Ashley Nude Outdoors Video
• Kobe Lee & Ariel Andrews Sweethearts Video
• Addie vs Kobe Sweethearts Video
• A Nude 9.75" x 7.25" mini Jasmine Grey Pin-Up

Technical Info:
• Running Time: Approx. 150 minutes
• NTSC • All Regions
• Fully Licensed Dolby Digital Sound

"Sweet Satisfaction Jasmine Grey Special Edition" includes some of the most
talked about footage we've ever shot. In this special edition release, you'll
see extended versions of some of most popular scenes as well as all new extras
and features. The video is kicked off with Micah Ashley's "Sleepy Girl" video. Micah
slips into bed wearing just a sheer micro thong and semi sheer tank top as our cameras
get some voyueristic shots of her. Plus, she loses her micro thong along the way. Ariel
Andrews is next with her infamous panties in public scene. Ariel boldly shows off
her micro thong in a public restaurant. At one point, Ariel removes her thong allowing
a customer to see her completely shaved pussy thanks to her 6 inch mini skirt! For this
special edition, we've included footage of Ariel getting dressed for this scene and getting
changed, in the parking lot, afterwards! Other scenes include: Karen Money modeling
the world's smallest thong, Kobe Lee wearing a sheer illegal bikini, intrusive upskirt
shots of Jenni Lee, Jordan Bentley showing "wet pink" and a huge Favorite Flavor
feature starring Jasmine Grey. Jasmine is interviewed in the nude, stars in 2 illegal
bikini videos, a panties in public video and a solo nude video. Extras include: 2 Sweethearts
videos (one starring Ariel & Kobe and one starring Kobe & Addie) if you love seeing girls
kissing, then you wont want to miss these, an Ariel Andrews Luscious Lingerie video,
a Micah Ashley nude outdoors video, Jasmine illegal bikini outtakes, behind the scenes
footage of Jasmine at a video shoot for mr.deviant, a HQ Jasmine Grey slideshow
and a nude 9.75" x 7.25" mini pin-up of Jasmine Grey.

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