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Sweet Satisfaction Kobe Lee
Sweet Satisfaction Kobe Lee

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Kobe Lee, Jasmine Grey, Addie Juniper,
Jenni Lee, Micah Ashley, Jordan Bentley,
Ariel Andrews, Vanilla Creme, Indy &
Karen Money

DVD Extras:
• Jasmine Grey Wet Lingerie Video
• Raw & Uncut Footage of Kobe Lee

Technical Info:
• Running Time: Approx. 150 minutes
• NTSC • All Regions
• Fully Licensed Dolby Digital Sound

"Sweet Satisfaction Kobe Lee" is loaded with over 2 hours of action that only CandyGirl Video can deliver. Our hottest Favorite Flavors are featured in these various scenes: Nudity, Upskirts, Lingerie, Shower and a Shave, Stripteasing, Panty Teasing and more! The DVD is kicked off by Indy, who shows how she won the title of "Miss Nude North America" at the 2004 Nudes-A-Poppin' show. Ariel Andrews climbs an observation tower and we follow behind for some killer upskirt views! From there you'll see Ariel Andrews and Micah Ashley playing pool as we take some tasty upskirt shots, Karen Money in her lingerie, Jordan Bentley wearing an Ultra Low Rise panty, a featured look at Kobe Lee, Addie Juniper squeezing into some skin tight jeans, all-natural busty redhead Vanilla Creme in her lingerie, windblown upskirt footage of Jordan Bentley, the best nude footage of Indy we ever shot (plenty of pink and spreads) plus tons more! Bonus material includes a Jasmine Grey wet lingerie video and uncut footage of Kobe Lee!

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