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Luna Lain
Luna Lain
Favorite Flavor: Luna Lain
23 (at the time of our first shoot)
30 C
Pubic Hair:
Sweet Talk: A superfan of Luna's turned us onto her when he offered to sponsor a shoot with her, and we're glad he did! Luna was an absolute pleasure to shoot with. Smart, engaging and of course, gorgeous, Luna worked hard during our four and a half day shoot to deliver images we know you'll all find to be unforgettable! This fiery redhead will be forever burned into your brain when you gaze upon her beauty, like looking at a solar eclipse without safety glasses. Luna Lain is sure to make luna-tics out of you all.

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Luna Lain - Micro Bikini Pt. I video
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Luna Lain - Micro Bikini Pt. I picture set
Scottish Nightmare
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