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When a woman wants to know how tight her pussy is, she reaches for the Pussytron 5000!
The Pussytron 5000 is a sex toy that connects to an LED read out and when she inserts the
toy portion of the device inside her pussy and squeezes, the LED read out lights up on a scale
from 1 to 10. How tight do our Favorite Flavors rank? Check out the Pussytron 5000 series to
find out!

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PussyTron 5000 Videos
Kobe Lee - Pussytron 5000 video

Emily Addison - Pussytron 5000 video
Paris Kennedy - Pussytron 5000 video

Amo Morbia - Pussytron 5000 video
Memphis Monroe - Pussytron 5000 video

Addie Juniper and Malloy Martini - Pussytron 5000 video
PussyTron 5000 Picture Sets
Kobe Lee - Pussytron 5000 picture set
Emily Addison - Pussytron 5000 picture set
Amo Morbia - Pussytron 5000 picture set
Addie Juniper and Malloy Martini - Pussytron 5000 picture set
Paris Kennedy - Pussytron 5000 picture set
Memphis Monroe - Pussytron 5000 picture set
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